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Rosalva Valenzuela

“If times are rough and we only have one meal to eat we will share it, we are one united family.

The food package that we receive today will be shared amongst our family, that’s how we survive.”

María Elena

“I’m a vendor selling candy, water, lemonade and juices in a window shop.
I work to be able to pay rent, food and pay the necessary services.

My husband passed away and now I am responsible alone for all my expenses. I live in a single room.
With the loss of my husband I had to sell the little things in my house to pay the rent.”

Alirio de Jesus Montoya Muñoz

“It really depends on the weather, in summer I sell more. My summers are better than my winters.

At 8am I get up, eat breakfast and get to work on the streets.
My day ends when I get home around 10pm.
I live together with my sisters.On a good, good day I can make between 8-9 dollars. But there are many more regular days, around 3 dollars.”

José Echavarría

I get up every day at 3am to be in downtown at 4:30am. My wooden cart that I use to work I store in a nearby parking lot.
First thing in the morning I get my cart and start pushing it uphill.